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Ship Registration, Flagging and Reflagging Services

The ship registration procedures and requirements have undergone significant changes during the last decade and therefore it is very important that the ship owners, charterers and operators maintain an established and efficient administration in today’s dynamic marine industry.

Our team is specialized in providing ship registry services worldwide. Our knowledge is based on experience with various flag states, including the Commonwealth of Bahamas, Panama, the Netherlands, Belgium, Marshall Islands, Russia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Liberia, Commonwealth of Dominica and Kazakhstan.

We provide our clients with registration services that are compatible with the operation of the vessels. Our lawyers guide and advice the clients on the content and interpretation of applicable international conventions, rules and regulations.

We provide flag registration services for:

  • Vessels under construction
  • New build vessels
  • Established vessels.

Legal Harbour renders services in respect of:

  •  Flag transfer procedures, both temporary and permanent
  •  Name change procedures
  •  Re-registration, renewal of bareboat registration
  •  Registration of Foreign Maritime Entities (FME)
  •  Other related legal documentary requirements such as vessel mortgage  registration services and company incorporation.

We serve:

  • Seagoing vessels
  • Inland water vessels.

Legal Harbour provides legal advice to ensure that the documents necessary for ship registration or re-flagging qualify under the related jurisdictions and assist our clients in achieving a swift and efficient process.

We offer:

  • all-inclusive solutions and undertake the entire (re)-registration process on our client’s behalf  as well as
  • specific support in a certain stage of vessel registration process such as review of  documents and certificates, applications for consents of mortgage holders of underlying (main) registries or review and advice on a particular stage of the registration procedure.

We are capable and willing to act responsively and decisively whenever or wherever necessary.