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About Us

Welcome to Legal Harbour:

legal services provider with a special focus on ship administration, sale & purchase of vessels, vessel registration services, contract drafting services and other ancillary services specific to the maritime and offshore industry.

Operation, charter, hire & rental, sale & purchase, transfer, registration and reflagging of the vessels require professional legal approach in order to comply with often complex and mandatory legislation.

Our legal team is trained in understanding a wide variety of complex and novel situations and is skilled in finding most efficient solutions. Most of our work takes place in-house therefore we are able to respond swiftly and to adjust appropriately to the dynamic environment of the client.

Legal Harbour is based in Rotterdam and additionally draws on a number of associate professionals to offer a wide range of services worldwide. In cross-border cases we are able to call on international contacts which stem from our long lasting relationships with registries, flag states and lawyers worldwide. This allows us to keep overheads low, our rates competitive and gives our clients the benefit of having access to the best industry professionals without being tied to the employed resources of a single company.

We act for Ship Owners, Charterers, Ship Managers, Transportation Companies, Crewing Agents and in-house lawyers.

Why engage Legal Harbour?

  • Our advice is always sensible and commercial
  • Our commitment to our clients is unquestionable
  • Our ultimate goal is to find the most efficient, effective, tailor made solutions for our clients
  • We apply a professional legal approach balanced with a commercial understanding of the needs of our clients thus ensuring a cost effective service
  • We are accessible and affordable.