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General Terms & Conditions and Templates

Sometimes the most important things are the basics. Our experience learns that most of the template contracts and general terms and conditions can be significantly improved. The typical shortcomings of template contracts and general terms and conditions is that these are often too broad or unduly risk averse or otherwise aren’t closely tailored to the company’s interests. This often leads to a waste of time and money, is less competitive than it could be, and is more likely to be embroiled in disputes.

With Legal Harbour you are on a right address to fix your templates. Our templates are fair and correspond with the needs of maritime and offshore industry.

  • Our drafts provide a useful and concise contractual foundation which is an effective and user friendly basis for multiple use contracts
  • We also review, advise and if necessary update existing general terms & conditions to make those more suitable for our clients’ needs, more extensive if they do not cover all associated risks, otherwise, if necessary, to simplify, shorten existing ones
  • Our lawyers offer a spectrum of general contract drafting services.We are specialized in drafting and review of commercial and maritime contracts.  Upon submission of contracts for review our team of experts dissects these agreements, benchmarking key terms and appending critical insights. We deliver comprehensive assessment package including annotations, examples, and recommendations.