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Sales, distribution and trade services

The Netherlands is considered by many as the logistics gateway to the European market. The port of Rotterdam is one of the busiest ports in the world by offering a broad range of services and by developing value chains.

Legal Harbour has its sales and marketing offices in Rotterdam to serve the clients in Europe, CIS countries and beyond.

  • Agency: as agents and intermediary’s we mediate between two parties to a contract, typically buyers and sellers. We’re involved in all stages of the contract – from negotiating the terms and conditions of the sales contracts to custom clearance, transportation and delivery of goods to their final destination. Throughout the whole process we help to solve both commercial and legal issues.
  • Sales and distribution services: as sales agents and wholesalers we offer an effective channel for selling and distributing of goods to the ultimate customers. In particular it is useful when trying to break into a new markets where you don’t have experience and expertise. Legal Harbour assists with accessing the target markets and developing of business in CIS countries and in the Netherlands without need to build own sales presence locally.

We have extensive experience in overall sales transactions.

Our services include business development and marketing of goods and products in the Netherlands and CIS countries, intermediary services such as introduction of merchants to distributors and end users. Since contractual arrangements are an important consideration in any agreement we also render legal support in overall sales transactions.